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Preflight Service

What Services are Preformed in a Preflight to Insure Top Quality Printing?

Size and Printer Specifications Match

Image Resolution and Quality

Bleeds and Specific Printer Requirements

Color Corrections

Image Placement to Insure the Best Impact

Missing Fonts and Images

Corrections for low resolution logos

What are the Benefits Offered with Our Exclusive Preflight Service?

File Proofing and Up to 1 hour of File Corrections as Required

Online Proofing

Secure FTP for File Transfers

Discount Rates on Quality Printing

Discount Rates on Trade Show Displays and Point of Purchase Displays

File Archiving for Future Display and Print Needs

Recommended Redesign if Necessary at a 15% Discount and a Preflight Credit

Extremely Large Access to Stock Images

Over 30 years of Experience in the Printing
and Display Graphics Industries


So many of our clients send in files for Large and Grand Format and honestly do not understand that the image they see on their monitor will not print as they expect it to. Large & Grand Format Graphics along High Resolution printing is very different then what you see on your monitor or on your desktop printer. Our preflight services offer you the opportunity to insure that your creative layout is ready to print at the optimum resolution with color rendition that your final print deserves.

The majority of our clients are Professional experts in their industry and we highly respect them for that. Yet, very few of them have designers on staff that are experts in Large and Grand Format Printing that requires many years of experience to produce the best quality Trade Show Graphics, Building and Vehicle wraps along with top quality Point of Purchase Displays and print material incluing, brochures post cards, posters and other marketing collaterial.

Your field of expertise is producing and marketing your products and services. Our area of expertise in printing it at Museum Quality.

We offer you this Preflight service for the low cost of $75.00 which includes a full hour of file correction and enhancement along with uploading the approved files to our recommended printers or your printer of choice. (Some files may require additional professional enhancement to meet the best output quality).

Please view our Portfolio to understand our capabilities and insure that your next publication, exhibit or display is the best it can be.